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From the President’s Desk: Leslie Petter

Posted on Wednesday, July 1, 2020

First Day on the Job - Leslie Petter
ARCS: The Road Ahead

As the new fiscal year begins and the new board members take on their roles, I am excited and hopeful for the year ahead.  We are all tremendously grateful to Susan McGonigle for the wonderful job she has done as our ARCS Foundation Atlanta Chapter president for the past two years.  I know that I have a hard act to follow. 

The coming year will be an interesting one for ARCS.  Our challenge will be to create a sense of community while we need to be separate.  This applies to our members, our scholars, and our donors.  The Coronavirus may keep us at a physical distance, but I hope it will not separate us from our resolve.  This pandemic highlights the importance of science and the importance of supporting young scientists who will meet the challenges of tomorrow. 

Every crisis brings the seeds of opportunity and forces us to innovate.  We are using technology to narrow the distance between us.  Our committee meetings are being held via Zoom, and the work of ARCS is in full swing.  We are raising money to support our scholars, and over the summer, we will welcome four new ARCS members.  In the fall, we will approve a budget and we will distribute 44 scholar awards. It is our plan to hold our meetings and educational events via Zoom until we know that it is safe to do otherwise.  We will hold our first-ever virtual Scholar Awards Event in November!

We will need your support and understanding as we navigate the new waters of doing all these things remotely. On behalf of ARCS, I am asking for your thoughts, your ideas, and your support -- financial and otherwise.  What I can promise you is hard work, an open mind to new ways of operating, and my commitment to our scholars and our members.  We have a wonderful new board this year.  We will consider every idea and, as always, ARCS will be a good steward of your money.

When this pandemic is over, and it will be over, we will gather once again for our meetings and field trips.  Thank you for everything you have done for ARCS in the past and for your support in the year ahead.  I look forward to a busy, happy year and to the time when we can be together again.


Leslie Petter

Incoming President

ARCS Foundation Atlanta Chapter

Leslie Petter ARCS Foundation Atlanta Chapter President