Officers and Directors


The Executive Board of the Atlanta Chapter includes the President, President-Elect, and Vice-Presidents of Administration, Communications, Education/Events, Finance/Treasurer, Funds Development, Membership, and University Relations, as well as the Parlimentarian and Recording Secretary. Committee activities focus on the Directory, Endowment Fund, Historian, Internal Communications, Member Relations, Newsletter, Nominating, Public Relations, Retreat, Scholar Awards Luncheon, Scholars, Scholar Alumni, Speakers, Special Events and Website. In preparation for our upcoming silver anniversary, a 25th Anniversary committee has also been established. Past Presidents constitute an Advisory Committee to the Board.


Administration Team:  Deede Stephenson,  Sara Jean Burke, Margaret Turk

University/Scholar Relations Team: Elaine Davis, Linda Kay McGowan, Mary Watson, Nancy Williams, Caroline Hardin

Communications/PR Team: Marie Stafford, Louise Yeoman, Leslie Petter, Ronnie Martin, Pat Leake, Alicia McCabe

Special Events: June Tompkins, Carolyn Cooper

Funds Development/Finance Team: Louise Yeoman, Lissa Bankoff, Suzy Wasserman, Kelli Keb

Past Presidents: Pat Leake, Gracia Conn, Debbie Liss, Janie Wilson, Sally Hinkle


National Board Members: Debbie Liss, Sally McDaniel, Nancy Chambers, Sara Jean Burke, Jane Dolinger, Janie Wilson



Photos by Randy McDow, Atlanta, GA

Board of Directors - July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018


President Sara Jean Burke President Elect Susan McGonigle
VP Administration Deede Stephenson VP Finance/Treasurer   Lisa Bankoff
VP Communications Pat Leake VP Funds Development Suzy Wasserman and Kelli Keb
VP Membership Frances Swensson Parlimentarian Marty Gillin
VP University Relations Elaine Davis and Linda Kay McGowan Recording Secretary Margaret Turk
VP Education/Events Robin King    


ARCS Scholars Chair Sarah Batts ARCS Scholars Chair-Elect Sarah Batts
Assistant Treasurer Janis Henry ARCS Scholar Alumni Chair Nancy Williams
2017 Scholar Awards Luncheon Chair Mary Watson Scholar Awards Luncheon Chair-Elect Caroline Hardin
Retreat Chairs Lee Doyle and Regina Olchowski Endowment Fund Chair Louise Yeoman
Directory Chair Liz Troy Historian Farideh Azadi
Public Relations Chair Louise Yeoman Public Relations Chair-Elect Sally Hinkle
Special Events Chair Carolyn Cooper Special Events Chair-Elect Caroline Moise
Internal Communications Ronnie Martin Speakers Chair Liz Lauer
Website Chair Gracia Conn    
Newsletter Editors Molly Eskew and Leslie Petter Newsletter Publisher Leslie Petter


Assistant to the President  Lynn Cornett Nominating Chair Janie Wilson


Past Presidents

Mary O’Connor
Atlanta Founder
Patsy Drummond 1994-1995 Trudy Huger 1995-1996
Frannie Graves 1996-1997 Pat Leake 1997-1998
Betsy Hansen 1998-1999 Deborah Liss 1999-2000
Sally Hinkle 2000-2002 Janie Wilson 2002-2004
Teed M. Poe 2004-2006 Jan K. Bennett 2006-2008
Sherry Lundeen 2008-2010 Kay Weiss 2010-2012
Gracia Conn 2012-2014 Jane Dolinger 2014-2016


ARCS Foundation Atlanta Members Serving on ARCS Foundation National Board - July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 

Andi Purple President Sherry Lundeen National Endowment Fund Comm.
Nancy Chambers VP Finance/Operations Sara Jean Burke Atlanta Chapter President
Sally McDaniel Chair, Funds Development Jane Dolinger National Nominating Committee
Janie Wilson National Endowment Fund Comm.    


Thanks from Alum Eliot Quon, Postdoctoral Researcher at National Renewable Energy Laboratory

ARCS Foundation has been a highlight of my academic career thus far, thank you for the support!

Thanks from Scholar Natale Sciolino

"Thank you dearly for your generous contribution to my scientific development. Your contribution has had a profound impact on me at both a personal and professional level. It is a privilege to be an ARCS Scholar, and with this support I will continue to pursue research that aims to advance Neuroscience."

Thanks from Alum Tim Sampson, Postdoctoral Scholar at Caltech

I am immensely grateful to the ARCS Foundation and Turner Enterprises for making my award possible. I am honored to have been part of the talented and promising group of young researchers from the Atlanta-area!