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Members of ARCS Foundation Atlanta are philanthropic women committed to advancing science in America. Women who join our Chapter do so to contribute to the financial support of outstanding scholars and PhD candidates at Emory University, The Georgia Institute of Technology, Morehouse College, and the University of Georgia. ARCS Foundation Atlanta is one of 15 ARCS Foundation Chapters nationwide.

The Atlanta Chapter has 128 members dedicated to making a difference in scholars’ lives and the future of the United States. The Scholar Awards Celebration, held in November, is our opportunity to honor our scholars and the donors who support them.

Each year we offer a variety of educational opportunities for our members. These often include exclusive visits to sites of scientific interest in the Atlanta metropolitan area, educational opportunities, social events, and member retreats.

Any woman interested in getting involved to help further the development of scholars pursuing degrees in the sciences and technology is encouraged to contact the Membership Chair at regarding the membership process. We look forward to getting to know you.


Why should you become a member of ARCS?

Support STEM mission
I am excited to be a member of ARCS!

I believe the advancement of science and technology is critical to creating a better world for all of us - which is the ambitious mission of ARCS. I am also excited about the opportunity to meet and work with a group of talented, successful women on this shared mission.

Ann Taylor
ARCS Atlanta Member

Attend exclusive scientific, educational, and social events
ARCS members connect with local universities and give scholar awards to the most talented scholars to support their research.  We also enjoy educational and social events as well as member retreats. We introduce our new members at our fall party. One year, the date for the fall party was planned for October 4, which serendipitously was the same date in 1957 that the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1, igniting the Space Race between the US and USSR. It was this competition that stimulated a group of women to form ARCS Foundation in 1958.

Betsy Kazazian
ARCS Atlanta Member

Join a national effort to support STEM scholars
Serving on the National Board of ARCS has been a wonderful opportunity to develop friendships with fellow members across all 15 chapters, to represent our ATL chapter, and to have a national impact on raising money for science scholars across the country. I have been lucky enough to serve on the ARCS National board in several different positions, and in each one, I worked side by side with smart, dedicated women who were passionate about ARCS. Working with these women on a common cause is invigorating and inspiring and opened my eyes to so many new ideas and opportunities.

Susan McGonigle
ARCS Atlanta Member