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Atlanta Chapter Scholar Alum Research Fellow in New Zealand

Posted on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Monica Gerth was an ARCS Scholar at Emory University during the 2005-2007 academic years. Dr. Gerth is currently Principal Investigator with her own research group of graduate students at the University of Otago in Duneden, New Zealand. Her research involves engineering enzymes to do useful things (such as blocking biofilm formation), building new metabolic pathways in bacteria for the production of valuable chemicals, and re-engineering proteins for use as biosensors.

She was a New Zealand Foundation for Science and Technology Post-doctoral Fellow in 2008-2011 and received a "Smart Ideas Grant" of 1 million NZD in 2013, followed by a "Marsden Fast-Start Grant" for $300K in 2014. She recently won Otago University's Translations Research Award for her work on novel ways to prevent biofilm-related infections.

More information on Dr. Gerth can be found on her University of Otago research fellow page.



Monica Gerth, Ph.D.
ARCS Scholar
Emory University