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All Members Conference Comes to Atlanta

Posted on Thursday, October 27, 2022

On October 3rd, ARCS members from all but 2 chapters around the country converged on our city for the 2022 All Members Conference (AMC).  Debbie Liss and her committee planned a well-thought-out agenda of welcome, points of interest, and informative speakers. 

This committee developed and organized a unique “opening night dinner” for our guests that turned out to be a big hit all around. Six of our Atlanta chapter members opened their homes to a small gathering of guests for dinner and conversation Monday evening to give our visitors a taste of southern hospitality—and the attendees were not disappointed.  Thanks to Sara Jean Burke with co-host Sherry Lundeen, Carolynn Cooper with co-host Linda Kay McGowan, Debbie Liss, Leslie Petter with co-host Frances Swensson; Ellen Adair Wyche with co-host Barbara Marxer; and Angella Hamilton with co-host Beth Finnerty for creating a memorable evening to kick off the Atlanta experience. 

Tuesday morning activities highlighted Paul Brown, CEO and Co-Founder of Inspire Brands after a catered breakfast at JW Marriott Buckhead.   Mr. Brown received his MBA from Georgia Tech.  Underscoring the importance of post-graduate studies, i.e., higher education, over all disciplines, he noted that the support of scholarship grants like ours is a viable catalyst.  Mr. Brown illustrated how his post-graduate studies supported and strengthened his professional skills and success in his business career.  Specifically, he described how he carried insights learned from one industry to transform another, leading to his creation of Inspire Brands.  Brown said Atlanta is now considered a tech and business hub that is growing and attracting top employers across all skill levels.  In his company, the tech sector is framed around disruption and innovation.  In closing, Mr. Brown emphasized innovative thinking and lifelong learning.

Interested guests were then treated to a tour of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights followed by a lunch, presentation, and tour at Shepherd Spinal Center where Alana Shepherd graciously stopped by to welcome everyone. 

Wednesday opened with a very interesting post-breakfast program.  Two of our ARCS scholars, Hemali Oza from Emory and Hannah Holmes from Tech, outlined and explained their research, followed by a prepared video presentation by Dr. J. Marshall Shepherd (no relation to Shepherd Spinal Center) concerning climate change.  Dr. Shepherd is the Director of UGA’s Atmospheric Science Program and a Full Professor in the Department of Geography.   Wednesday’s luncheon agenda recognized the ARCS Lights of all attending chapters from the last 3 years.  Debbie’s committee planned a delightful closing night dinner party at downtown Capital City, and we’re on the books as hosting a very successful AMC.

Thank you, Debbie!  And to your committee:  Jeanne Berry, Peg Cooley, Lee Doyle, Susan Higley, Corrie Johnson, Pat Leake, Sherry Lundeen, Sally McDaniel, Leslie Petter, Patty Reid, Jane Skinner, Frances Swensson, and Janie Wilson

Sponsors for the AMC

Presenting Sponsor                                                  Friends of AMC
The Burton Family Foundation                                       Diana Alexander
                                                                                       Chris Simpson Brent
Gold Sponsor                                                               Donna Casey
Diane Deshong                                                              Nancy Chambers
Might Family Foundation                                               Sylvia Dick
                                                                                      Jackie Henson
Silver Sponsor                                                             Anna Maria Matteaucci
Lynne Brickner & Jerry Gallard                                     Sandra Matteucci
Linda & Gastone Celesia                                              Susan McGonigle
Sue & Michael Harter                                                    Caron Ogg
Cecy Jones & John Weitnauer                                      Leslie Petter
Debbie & Bill Liss                                                          Andrea Purple

Sherry & John Lundeen                                                Patty Sparrell
Sally & Allen McDaniel                                                 Jocelyn Stoller

Ellis Nesbitt & Ken Bourque

Jane Skinner

Beth Wainwright & Russ Kemerer

Janie & Chick Wilson


Our leader, Debbie Liss
Corrie Johnson welcomed everyone
A chance to make new friends
A chance to catch up with friends