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Application forms for New Members are now available.

Posted on Friday, April 6, 2018

We encourage all members who have been Active for a minimum of one year to nominate women who they feel will be contributing members of the Atlanta Chapter.  Completed forms must be received by the Membership Committee no later than May 31, 2018.

All candidates must be sponsored by two (2) Active Members of the Atlanta Chapter (who have maintained Active status for a minimum of one (1) year), and all candidates must understand membership includes service to the organization and fulfillment of the annual dues obligation, currently $600 per year.  As our application states: 

Our chapter depends on volunteer service from all its members, and applicants should be made aware of the expectation to serve on a committee or hold a board position during their tenure as an active member.

Please contact Frances Swensson at 404-966-4329 to receive a copy of the 2018-19 Membership Application Form.  Upon completion of the entire packet — Sponsor’s Form, Co-Sponsor’s Form and Candidate’s Form — it may be scanned and emailed altogether to Frances Swensson at or sent via US Mail** to:

     Frances Swensson/VP Membership
     ARCS Foundation Atlanta
     c/o 1025 Crest Valley Road
     Atlanta, GA 30327

**Please email Frances to advise her if you are only sending your application via US Mail.

Thanks to everyone for your careful consideration of nominations for our next class of New Members!