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ARCS Atlanta Welcomes Dr. Noel as the January Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker

Posted on Sunday, January 2, 2022

The General Membership Meeting on January 12, 2022 was originally planned as an in-person luncheon at the Capital City Club in Brookhaven. Due to a surge in Omicron, we thought it prudent to cancel the in-person meeting, forgo our luncheon, and organize the meeting over Zoom.

Approximately 65 members participated in the virtual meeting. Leslie Petter presided over the meeting which began with social time preceding board members and committee chairs providing relevant updates.

Frances Swensson, ARCS Light Award recipient of 2021, announced the recipient of this year’s ARCS Light Award for 2022, Deede Stephenson. A huge congratulations to Deede for her long-term commitment and service to ARCS!

Suzy Wasserman, Speakers Chair, introduced our brilliant speaker, Dr. Alexis Noel, a research engineer at Georgia Tech. Dr. Noel spoke about her work in biomimicry where she studied the mechanisms behind high adhesivity in frog tongues and flexible yet sharp cat tongues. Her research is at the intersection of fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, and biology. Diverging from this research, Dr. Noel is now examining haptic feedback technologies for pediatric cerebral palsy patients which involves being able to feel and interact with objects in virtual reality.

Dr. Noel was featured on CBS Sunday Morning for her research on Biomimicry. CBS Sunday Morning

Our next event will be the ARCS Annual Meeting on May 4th.  More information will be provided over the coming months.

Dr. Alexis Noel holding a toad