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Consider a Gift to the Endowment Fund

Posted on Sunday, May 12, 2019

It has been a year since the investment advisement of the Endowment Fund was transitioned to Montag & Associates, and Louise Yeoman, Endowment Funds Chair, says the results have been good! Since then, the Endowment Committee has implemented a formal investment policy and worked with Montag & Associates to rebalance the portfolio. The return (net of fees) is 4.3% since April 2018 and 5.4% for the quarter ending March 2019. 

In looking back at some of the recent market volatility, Brendan Wagner of Montag & Associates commented, “The equity portion of the portfolio participated in 91% of the downside, but captured 97% of the ensuing rebound. This is a good result, especially considering we’re largely using the S&P500 index funds as our equity holdings.”

Now the focus shifts to DONATIONS! There is a tremendous opportunity to really grow the Endowment Fund, but the ARCS Atlanta Chapter needs to generate more interest and participation from our members and our community. ARCS Atlanta has many strong supporters of our Scholar Awards each year, but few also contribute to the long-term success of the ARCS Atlanta Chapter through the Endowment.

Why do people donate to an Endowment Fund? website notes “Generally speaking, endowment donors are motivated to give because they (a) already care about the organization and / or its mission, (b) want to make sure the charity or one of its programs is sustainable, and (c) have the ability to give.” Does this ring true for you?

Won’t you consider a gift to the Endowment Fund to support future scholar awards for years to come?