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Lee Doyle Named ARCS Light 2023

Posted on Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Excitement and conviction surrounded the choice of this ARCS Light.  She was described by many as the epitome of our ARCS Light honoree.  Lee has given consistently in various significant jobs for many years. She is professional and reliable with a cache of historical knowledge, which she willingly shares.  She goes above and beyond for ARCS, an unsung hero (until now), and it’s been said that she runs a good meeting with consistent and productive results….i.e. She Gets Things Done.

Our new ARCS Light has served as Vice President of Membership. Vice President of Funds Development as well as serving as a reliable reference on donors, and a leader on donor/scholar match.  She has sponsored three valuable members all of whom have served on the board, and she has led us on to a stronger, more effective mission by spearheading the three-year strategic plan.

Lee loves to play golf, bridge, and Mahjong, as well as being very talented at flower arranging.

Thank you and congratulations to our 2023 ARCS Light, Lee Doyle!

Lee Doyle and Sara Jean

Lee Doyle with President Sara Jean Burke

Lee Doyle