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From the President's Desk: Susan McGonigle

Posted on Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Dear Members,

Our world has been turned upside down since the newsletter team first started putting the "winter" edition together. This Covid-19 coronavirus environment we are now in, with no end in sight, highlights the importance and imperative of funding the best and brightest future science talent this country has. Now more than ever, thank you for your membership, for your support of ARCS, and for your FRIENDSHIP!

With our mission fully intact, our chapter proceeds as best we can with our usual business. And this time of year, that means nominating and selecting our new members. We have six spots available this year and nominations are due to Deede Stephenson by May 15.

Also in thinking about our mission, we recently created and approved a new Strategic Plan to guide our Chapter for the next 3 years.  With the help of an outside consultant and the input of more than half of our members, we created a new vision for our chapter and a template for what we need to do in the next 3 years.  While fundraising remains our top priority, we will also be looking to increase our marketing efforts and strengthen our membership.  Our Chapter also plans to examine the need for outside professional help in certain areas to relieve pressure on our volunteers and provide continuity.   I am very proud of the plan we produced and hope all members will take the time to read it and consider how to get involved in our mission.  Many thanks to Janie Wilson and Lee Doyle who co-chaired the Strategic Planning Committee.

So, even with all that’s going on around us, I hope that spring will be a busy time for us.  Allocations will be set, universities will be visited, a new slate will be selected, and of course we will keep raising money to further science research in America. We want every member to be involved!  If there is something you want to do or something you think we should be doing, please let me know – we need you!