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Colleen Sedney
Hinkle Award
Ph.D. Student, Infectious Diseases - UGA
Second Year ARCS Scholar

Colleen is a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Georgia pursuing a Ph.D. in Infectious Diseases under the direction of Dr. Eric T. Harvill. Her previous research experience has included both clinical assessments of patient data and environmental microbiology. Colleen’s doctorate work is directed toward understanding the immunological interactions between neonatal mice and Bordetella pertussis. This has included the development of a novel model of infection of neonatal mice at five days old with a sublethal dose of B. pertussis. Her current research utilizes our novel neonatal infection model to study the role of neonatal-derived T cells in the B. pertussis disease process and how pertussis toxin modulates this response. This has resulted in several collaborative projects within the Harvill lab and the greater University of Georgia community. She has additionally contributed to investigations of host-pathogen interactions with the closely related species B. bronchiseptica and B. pseudohinzii. These projects investigated immune interactions in the middle ear and the role of a pertussis-like toxin factor in persistence.